Founder and publisher: Chernihiv National University of Technology.

The journal "Financial Research" is included in the List of electronic scientific professional editions of Ukraine dated 11.07.2017.

Founded: 2016.

Frequency: 2 times a year (March, September).

Language article: Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Geography of the authors: unlimited.


Current highlighted issues are devoted to theoretical and historical basis of finance development, improving the financial policy and financial mechanism of the state, problems of international finance and the world economy, theoretical and methodological basis of the financial market, financial entities, and financial and economic problems of security, restructuring the tax system. It will be useful for researchers, graduate students, undergraduates and students of higher educational establishments.

This magazine practices a policy of urgent open access to published content, supporting the principles of the free flow of scientific information and global knowledge sharing for the general social progress.


Peer review process : All articles are reviewed by leading experts in economics.


Review procedure and adherence to editorial ethics:

All articles submitted for publication in the academic journal  "Financial Research", should obligatory pass the review procedure.

The editorial policy of the magazine is based on the following principles:

  – professional selection of reviewers when considering scientific manuscripts;

 – high demanding quality of the scientific research;

 – objectivity and impartiality in conducting the scientific review;

 – confidentiality of the review outcomes of scientific manuscripts;

 – effectiveness of reviewing the submitted scientific articles;

 – prevention of scientific plagiarism;

 – strict adherence to copyright and related rights.


The editorial board categorically condemns manifestations of plagiarism in articles as a violation of copyright and scientific ethics and takes all possible measures to prevent it.

All scientific manuscripts necessarily undergo a procedure for checking the availability of borrowings and the existence of plagiarism.

The review procedure is anonymous for both the reviewer and the authors and is carried out by two independent reviewers (the double-blind review).

1. Scientific articles, which have passed the initial technical control on conformity with the thematic orientation of the scientific journal and the technical design of the manuscript to the established requirements, are allowed to be reviewed.

2. In case there are significant comments relating technical design of the submitted article for consideration, it can be returned to the author (s) for the revision.

3. By the positive conclusion regarding the technical design of the article, all information about the author (s) is deleted from the manuscript and the article is sent to the reviewer.

4. The reviewer shall read the article and is required to provide a detailed review within two weeks.

The criteria for checking by reviewers of the scientific manuscript are:

 - originality of the scientific research;

 - thorough research of the scientific literature in the field of the study;

 - use of statistical and econometric research methods;

 - application of visualization methods for the research outcomes;

 - disclosure of the contents of all main sections of the article;

 - correct justification of the purpose, objectives, conclusions of the research;

 - scientific style of presentation of the research outcomes;

After considering the materials, the reviewer should make one of the following decisions:

 - accept the manuscript for publication in the academic journal;

 - accept the manuscript for publication in the academic journal with minor corrections (technical or scientific in agreement with the author (s));

 - submit a scientific article for refinement to the author (s) with re-review;

 - reject the article without the possibility of re-submitting (especially if there is plagiarism and a significant amount of borrowings).

5. If necessary, refine the article. Recommendations of reviewers are sent by e-mail to the author (s).

6. After refining the article and, if necessary, re-reviewing, its new version is again sent to the reviewer without information about the authors.

7. In case of a repeated negative review, the article is rejected and is not subject to further consideration.

8. After the reviewer's positive conclusion, the article is accepted for publication and transmitted to the editorial department.

9. Reviews and recommendations for each article are kept in the editorial office for at least three years.

10. Scientific manuscripts that are prepared by the members of the editorial board are not subject to the review.


1. Theoretical and historical foundations of finance

2. The development of public financial management

3. The financial and economic security of the state and business entities

4. Theoretical and methodological basis of financial market

5. Strengthening of the state tax system

6. Development of financial intermediation

7. Financial entities


Reprinting without permission of the publisher is prohibited, references to the magazine when quoting is required.




Editor in Chief:



Deputy Editor:

Gonta A.I., Doctor of Economics, professor;

Abakumenko O.V., Doctor of Economics, professor;

Ilchuk V.P., Doctor of Economics, professor;



Editorial Board Members:

Deriy Z. V., Doctor of Economics, professor;

           Zhavoronok A. V., PhD in Economics, associate Professor ; 

          Kychko I.I., Doctor of Economics, professor;

 Kulpinskyi S.V., Doctor of Economics, professor;

 Levkovskyi V.M., Doctor of Economics, professor;

 Marhasova V.G., Doctor of Economics, professor;

 Prokopenko V.Y., Doctor of Economics, professor;

 Savchenko V.F., Doctor of Economics, professor;

 Velychko A.Y., Doctor of Economics, Professor, D.A. Tsenov Economic Academy (Svishchow, Bulgaria);

  Petrova T.D., Doctor of Economics, Professor, D.A. Tsenov Economic Academy (Svishchow, Bulgaria);


Responsible secretary: Dubyna Maksym

Mobile: (099) 376-32-87

e-mail: [email protected]

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